Located on the Central Coast of California

Edna's Snacks is the premier supplier of Dried Fruits, Dried Veggies, Baked Goods, and Mixed Nuts on California's beautiful Central Coast. Edna's Snacks is a division of Edna's Bakery.

We are located in San Luis Obispo, nestled between the peaks of the Santa Lucia Mountains, midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco at the junction of Highway 101 and the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway.

Edna’s Snacks is a privately owned company with strong community involvement dedicated to providing our customers with consistent high-quality products and friendly, accommodating customer care.

Our strength comes from the relationships we build . Here at Edna’s we are passionate about customer service and strive to exceed our customers expectations .

We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, vendors and team members and believe it is important to treat each person with honesty, courtesy and respect. We know that by continuing to conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity we will be able to achieve mutual success.
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Edna's Snacks

Drawing inspiration from the active and health conscious lifestyle of our surrounding communities, we, at Edna's Snacks, are working hard to move people away from traditional highly processed snacks such as chips and candy and providing nutritionally superior alternative snacks.

With our commitment to community we have introduced our snacks to a local school district, local hospital and healthcare facilities as well as local hotels. 

Dried veggies, dried fruits and nuts provide far superior nutritional profiles to traditional snacks. Edna's Snacks will continue our commitment to positively impact our community by providing these alternatives to as many people as we can reach.

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Edna's Bakery is the premier wholesale commercial bakery on the beautiful California central coast. 
With our superior customer service and dedication to providing five star quality experiences in product consistency, driver professionalism, billing accuracy and access to management Edna's Bakery has quickly risen to the top and established a top notch reputation with our customers. For more information on pricing and how we can help you with your baked good needs please fill out the inquiry form on the next page...
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Please Be Sure To Check Out Our Sister Company Edna's Bakery! Edna's Bakery is the premier wholesale commercial bakery on the California central Coast. Edna’s Bakery produces, distributes and markets gourmet breads, pastries and desserts. Please visit the Edna's Bakery website today for more information.
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